Brian Scanlon

Financial Advisor

I believe that everyone should be able to live their life being confident that they are making smart decisions with their wealth. I also believe that having a structured process for making those decision allows people to spend less time thinking and stressing about them and focus more time and energy on the things they enjoy.

Every client’s path to financial success will be a bit different but the common denominator is that when they hit a crossroads along the way they want to go down the best path for themselves and their family. Sheepherding families through those decisions is my passion.


My five-step process is driven by a simple question:
When you think about finances, what is most important to you?

Listen – to what you want your money to do for you. The foundation of a successful
relationship is a clear understanding of the goals that we are trying to achieve together.
– your unique financial situation. We will complete a holistic review of
your financial picture.
– a financial plan. This document is the blueprint for how we are going to work toward your goals and allows us monitor progress over time.
– the strategies derived by the financial planning process.
– and update the plan regularly. In order for the plan and strategy to be effective, it needs to be updated with life’s ebbs and flows. The plan is only as good as the information that it contains.


I work with doctors, lawyers, steel workers and linemen. Large nonprofits, small family foundations, teachers and nurses. Business owners, corporate executives, police officers and firefighters.

While my clients come from many different backgrounds, they have a common thread: they’ve all decided to take ownership of their financial future.

If you’re serious about planning for long term financial success we should talk.